Electric Cars – Tesla’s Model S Saves Lifes

Tesla’s Model S Electric Cars broke the NHSTA crash test as well as receiving the highest rating from Consumer Reports.

Tesla Model S Electric Cars Life Savers

Tesla Model S Electric Cars Life Savers

A mother and child were saved by the Tesla Model S. they were driving in the MS on the edge of the road on a cliff above a lake when they were hit by a landslide and a massive tree landed on top of the car.

That photo is incredible and speaks to the safety of the Tesla Model S Electric Car.

The world’s safest vehicle gets struck by a massive tree but the car is largely intact and the two occupants are okay.

The story, via Tesla Motors Club forum, goes something like this…

A mother, with child in the car, was driving on a cliff road above a lake when a landslide occurred. The landslide fell a massive tree, which landed right on top of the Model S.

The Tesla Motors Club forum poster (yobigd20) states:

“We can’t say for certain that any other car would’ve been crushed by the tree, but the photos do clearly show that the Model S held up extremely well while under the load of the tree.”

Most importantly, the mother and child were okay.  No injuries were reported. And it appears as though the Tesla Model S did save their lives.

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