Electric Car Tesla Tested by Consumer Reports


Tesla Electric Car Model S P85D scores 103 out of 100 with Consumer Reports testing.

You can see the Consumer Reports Tesla Electric Car Model S P85D Ratings here.

Tesla's Model S P85D, seen here at a car show in April, scored 103 on Consumer Reports' 100-point ratings system.

Tesla’s Model S P85D, seen here at a car show in April, scored 103 on Consumer Reports’ 100-point ratings system.

Consumer Reports’ experts note that the score doesn’t mean the car has achieved perfection.   The price is  $127,820 of the tested model. Making it the most expensive car –electric car that the magazine Consumer Reports has ever tested.

The Electric Car  Tesla is impressive for its quickness in applying power to the road — and pushing its occupants back in their seats.

“This car goes from 0 to 1.02 G’s in less than a quarter of a second,” Rechtin says, “which is almost as fast as the human brain can react.”

That rush of speed happens silently, Rechtin added. He said, “The only other way that you can feel that, in a legal setting, is to basically jump out of an airplane.”

The impressive review generated intense interest in the electric car.   Thursday, the Consumer Reports website crashed.   Tesla’s stock leaped to an 8 percent gain, to a close of $242.99 on the Nasdaq market. That’s quite a bounce for a stock that, at the opening of Monday’s trading session, could be had (briefly) for $202. (more…)

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